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About Us

Our mission is to set you up for property success the first time

In a 17-year career as a Melbourne property manager and sales agent, I remember shaking my head at the advice people were being given when buying or selling.

I used to get the same people through the doors at open homes.

They were often using the wrong mortgage broker for their needs. When they were buying, they didn’t have their finance organised.

Imagine going to buy a house but your loan wasn’t organised appropriately? And the property wasn’t the best location for your family’s needs?

So, I created Metrolinx.

We are property strategists who provide two niche services:

  • Create a tailored property strategy (whether buying or selling) from beginning to completed transaction
  • Connect you to my team of trusted of brokers, lawyers and agents, to help save you time and streamline the process.

I genuinely believe you need to have a plan in place before you invest too much time into the process.

You need someone who operates without an agenda and only with your specific needs in play.

No hidden motive. Just sound advice backed by research and experience.

Don’t leave buying or selling property to chance.

Speak to Metrolinx for a 15-minute Power Chat here and get your foundations for property right the first time.

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