Negotiation & Bidding

We make the difference when Auction Bidding and Negotiating to achieve the best outcomes for all our clients. We’re here to “Make A Difference”.

Auction Bidding & Negotiation service is where we remove the stress of an auction by attending an auction for you or give you the upper hand when it comes to privately negotiating your dream home or investment property.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You have a property in mind that you want to purchase. But you’re going to be out of town on auction day.
  • You just hate auctions and you want someone to do the bidding so you can secure the property, but avoid all the stress an auction can bring.
  • You need anonymity during the auction process because the agent already knows way too much about you and your situation.
  • You have bid on and lost many properties before now and you want an expert to step in and take the stress away.
  • If any of these sound like you, then you will love our Bidding & Negotiation Service.
  • This done-for-you bidding service will help take all the stress out of your auction for you.

Buying a house at auction can be a stressful process, and hardly anyone has regular practice in this area to become truly familiar with the skills required to make the right moves at the most opportune times.

This is one of the main reasons that people miss out on their dream piece of property in the heated auction room.

Why have you not had success at auction?

At auction, it can be an intense time. The home you’re looking at buying comes onto the lot and all of a sudden you’re up against a number of other bidders who all want the same patch of real estate. Some might be more experienced, or have more money to throw around, and this can put pressure on your price ceiling.

Bidding emotionally is one of the key mistakes that can cause buyers to spend far too much on a home, and pressure is something that contributes to throwing your hand up at a price you can’t afford, or one the home isn’t even worth.
If you keep missing out at auction, a buyer’s advocate will be a great resource to set your strategy in the right direction and help you secure your next property.

What is an Auctions

A real estate auction is a public sale of a property, usually conducted by an estate agent acting as an auctioneer, and is governed by strict rules. The auction is advertised for a specific place, time and date. Prospective buyers bid and the property is offered to the highest bidder at the seller’s discretion.

Bidding at Auction

Before you bid:

  • Research the market, search the internet, attend auctions, speak with several estate agents and monitor auction results
  • Get independent, expert help on legal, finance and building matters
  • Decide your bidding limit – that is, how much you are willing to offer

Auctioneers have different ways of conducting an auction. Generally, they aim to encourage as many people as possible to bid in order to achieve the highest possible price.

The auctioneer can set the amount by which bids increase. These are called ‘rises’ or ‘bidding advances’. You can bid at the amount stated by the auctioneer or offer an alternative amount but it is up to auctioneer whether or not to accept an alternative amount.