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Property Search, Assess & Secure

We help Source, Assess & Secure homes and investment properties

As leading buyer advocates/agents we understand the Melbourne Property Market can be confusing and fast paced.  Our experienced team of seasoned professionals can help Melbourne property buyers narrow your selection down, and negotiate to secure the best property for your home or investment property.  We even search for properties off market so you can feel at ease that you have explored the whole market.

Full Search & Acquisition Service

Our Full Search & Acquisition Service is our signature service where we take all the overwhelm off your shoulders and make buying a property easy for you. You want to find your dream home  but you are finding the process overwhelming.  Do you know what you want, the suburb you want to target and how to assess the pricing and values and  the time this all takes.

Finding a property is a full-time job. To be successful, you need to be jumping on the internet every single day & shortlisting properties to view every Saturday. It takes a good, dedicated few months to truly understand the market and more time to find the right property. Who has this time?

It’s our job to make sure the property buying process is made simple for you. And we take that job very seriously.

Our mentored search service supports you to achieve your property goals

Assess & Secure Service

If it would feel like a relief to have an expert look over your chosen property, give you an accurate assessment on price & take care of all the negotiations for you, then we would like to help you.

We’ll help you understand whether your chosen property is so good that you should give it everything you’ve got to secure it, or whether something better will come along soon. It’s our job to take away the stress, guesswork and questions.

Why use a Buyers Advocate/Agents?

Many people buy a property without the professional help of a Buyers Advocate/Agent. While you may be lucky enough that everything works out, unfortunately that isn’t always the case.

We understand that buying a home is often the largest purchase you will make and we want to ensure you limit any mistakes – especially the costly ones. Consider this; when selling a property, the majority of people engage a qualified Real Estate Agent and/or a Vendor Advocate who understands their property, the values in the area and negotiates for a living. So it makes sense when you purchase a property to engage professional representation to help you through the process and buying the right property at the right price.

A Buyers Advocate acts solely for you, the purchaser, and has extensive experience dealing with real estate agents. We can also source and negotiate the purchase of off-market properties, the ones that often transact quietly, and that most buyers will never hear about. This is more common than you may think, particularly in the upper end of the real estate market.

  • What to look for when buying a house – physically and the surrounding environment?
  • How to deal with real estate agents?
  • How to buy at auctions?
  • How to buy at private sales?
  • How does settlement work?
  • How to value what the property is worth?

As a Buyers Advocate/Agent we take away the confusion, frustration, stressful and disappointment and we sane you time, money & stress.