Think of Metrolinx as your one-stop-shop to guide you through your property journey. We are both Vendor and Buyers Advocates, helping clients sell or buy their property without the time waste, frustration or uncertainty.

And it’s only when your mission is complete – you’ve bought or sold your property – where our job is done.

Our prime objectives are to save our clients time, stress and empower them with our knowledge and expertise, to make the best property sale or purchase, ensuring long term financial success & creating lifelong clientele.

We are qualified, professional real estate agents, only we work exclusively for you!

We offer a Tailored Service, Full Service, Assess/Negotiate & Secure & Bidding

Research & Assess

Researching, locating, inspecting, negotiating and securing the right property.

Buyers Advocacy

We research and locate the right property, assess and valuate properties and negotiate the right price.

Negotiation & Bidding

Our property buying strategies secure the property at the right price and on the best terms for our clients.

Vendor Advocacy

Independent valuation of your property, Marketing strategy and assisting you in making the right decision.


We research areas and properties with good capital growth and rental income.

Partner Services

Surrounding yourself with a team of trusted experts all aligned to your goals.