Strategic Property Advice Tailored for You

Whether you are selling, downsizing or investing, you need to be clear on what is important and what you want out of the transaction.

At Metrolinx we start off with a strategy planning session with you to decide how best to meet these goals.

If you are buying a property

In this initial 60 minute session, our Purchasing Strategy will give you clarity on:

Your short and long-term goals

  • Your ‘must-haves’ in terms of your property choice
  • The state of the property market that is relevant to your criteria
  • How to buy the right type of property for you

We’ve developed a proven process for understanding your needs and getting the best result we can. Whether it is your first home or you are buying an investment property, we provide you with a tailored strategy to help you through to settlement.

In addition, we provide connection services to our trusted team of conveyancers, solicitors and mortgage brokers to streamline the process for you.

In the background, we network with developers & builders to know about their upcoming projects, work with listing agents and help you narrow your search before you visit a home.

We specialise in helping downsizers and residential investment property purchasers with a strategy and off-plan property purchases.

Read more about the process here (link to ‘About the Home Buying Process‘ page)

If you are selling a property

You might feel anxious about putting your property on the market.

Our Vendor Strategy takes away this stress and provides you with a plan to reach your sale goals successfully.

The first step is to work out what your current property is worth and do the sums before you put your home up for sale. From there, we will generate leads to find qualified buyers for you, provide constant attention to your timeline and include your property in our deep contact sphere network.

You’ll get clarity on:

  • How to choose the right sales agent
  • How to make your home stand out in a competitive market
  • How to get a quality valuation done
  • How to sell with a mortgage
  • Conveyancing and legal advice

We will source a real estate agent that is aligned with your best interests and connect you with our trusted mortgage broker network too

Our program is there to hold your hand through the selling process, having an independent advisor in your corner, so you can proceed with clarity.

We specialise in helping downsizers, people with residential investment strategy, and new construction sales.

Read more about our quick guide to prepare your home for sale here (link to ‘5 ways to preparing and selling your home‘ page).

Want to get started? Book a 15-minute intro call here.