Buyers Advocate

What is a Buyers Advocate/Agent?

When using the services of a Buyers Advocate, it’s like working with a ‘professional helping hand’ who can guide you through the process of buying your home.

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A Buyers Advocate/Agent supports you through the complete property purchase process.

Just as a traditional Real Estate Agent or Vendor’s Advocate acts exclusively for the person selling the property, a Buyers Advocate works exclusively with the person buying the property to get the best outcome for you.

Having an exclusive buyer’s advocate on your side means more than just helping you find a great property. Your advocate will help you by:

  • Use knowledge and experience to help you navigate local market conditions
  • Act as an advocate for the buyer during the entire buying process
  • Actively negotiate price and terms strictly on behalf of the buyer
  • Prepare necessary forms and written offers
  • Assist in procuring property inspections, as well as provide advice regarding necessary improvements and repairs
  • Consult with the buyer about financing options
  • Attend the loan closing to help address any last-minute details and questions

Why use a Buyers Advocate/Agent?

Many people buy a property without the professional help of a Buyers Advocate. While you may be lucky enough that everything works out, unfortunately that isn’t always the case.

We understand that buying a home is often the largest purchase you will make and we want to ensure you limit any mistakes – especially the costly ones. Consider this; when selling a property, the majority of people engage a qualified Real Estate Agent and/or a Vendor Advocate who understands their property, the values in the area and negotiates for a living. So it makes sense when you purchase a property to engage professional representation to help you through the process and buying the right property at the right price.

A Buyers Advocate acts solely for you, the purchaser, and has extensive experience dealing with real estate agents. We can also source and negotiate the purchase of off-market properties, the ones that often transact quietly, and that most buyers will never hear about. This is more common than you may think, particularly in the upper end of the real estate market.

  • What to look for when buying a house – physically and the surrounding environment?
  • How to deal with real estate agents?
  • How to buy at auctions?
  • How to buy at private sales?
  • How does settlement work?
  • How to value what the property is worth?

As a Buyers Advocate/Agent we take away the confusion, frustration, stressful and disappointment and we sane you time, money & stress.

How we can help

  • Free no-obligation consultation – We can arrange a free over the phone/zoom consultation or a face-to-face meeting. We will listen and ask questions to properly understand your property needs. We will then present you with a proposal.
  • Property Search – After deciding to engage our services, our property consultant team will begin your property search. You will be updated regularly by us. We can arrange inspections on your behalf if you cannot make it as well as arrange inspections together. We often have access to Off Market opportunities.
  • Investigate – This is where our experience and expertise come in most handy! We will never let you purchase a property that has not been completely, well & truly investigated into. There can be many hidden problems and obstacles when purchasing property. It is our job to help you navigate through them smoothly.
  • Negotiate & Secure – Our 17 years of experience buying and selling properties will ensure we secure you the right property at the right price. We are licensed real estate agents, with 17 years experience buying real estate in Melbourne & across Victoria, you can trust us with the successful purchase of your next dream property or  investment property. As property consultants, it is our job to streamline the buying process, mitigate any problems and ensure you are never overpaying for real estate.
  • Settlement – Pre/Final settlement inspections. This is important. It’s your chance to take a look around the property and make sure everything is in order. Generally speaking, the property should be in the same condition as it was when the contract of sale was signed. The contract should specify which fittings and fixtures
    are included in the sale – and what can be removed by the seller. We go through the property with you to ensure everything is according to the contract.
    With an Investment Property, we would facilitate the services of a property manager and they would be at the final inspection to be able to start the advertising and rental process.

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