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There are various goals for property investors, but the commonality amongst all is the desire and expectation their investment property (or properties, plural) will afford them wealth creation Putting it simply: you invest in property to make money The more money you make through property investment, the less you are obligated to work-per-hour to acquire your income Investment property allows your money to work smarter for you so you need not work harder to earn more The property investor’s dream is to acquire enough wealth through the holding of a property portfolio to afford them the ability to retire comfortably (and early) You don’t need big dollars to become a property investor. 40k in savings will get your foot in the door Once your foot is in the door you can build equity, save more money, buy another property and keep growing It really is as simple as that Thinking of purchasing an investment property but not sure where to start? Gie me a call for an initial 30 mnute free consultation.

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