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Selling Your Property – Do you know where to start?

Selling a property often feels overwhelming and stressful. Numerous unanswered questions may arise, some only becoming apparent after the fact. Wouldn’t it be comforting to have an impartial advocate offering unbiased advice based on extensive experience, rather than being motivated by commission? After all, a single misstep during the sales process can result in significant financial loss and undue stress. In an industry flooded with conflicting information, we provide the solutions you need through this complimentary service.

So many questions to be answered:
Do you know what your property is worth?
Do you know what work to do to your property prior to selling and whether it will make a difference?

There is a service that can help answer all these questions and its a Vendor Advocate.
A Vendor’s Advocate helps you to sell your property and is involved from the initial strategic planning phase following the campaign through to settlement day. A Vendor’s Advocate is there: helping you prepare the property so it’s ready for market (things like coordinating your declutter, painting, etc.)
Vendor advocates will guide you through the process, providing a personal service with impartial feedback and advice, helping you make the best decisions that will ultimately affect the outcome of the sale of your property.

Our Service is 100% Free
There are no hidden costs or fees for what we do. Our service is 100% absolutely free.

In sumamry we help with:
1. Initial Consultation – In our initial meeting we review your personal needs and situation. We sit down with you and listen to your wants and needs/goals as well as address any concerns you may have about the sales process.

2. Evaluate Your Home and Provide Advice – We meticulously assess the presentation of your home, both indoors and outdoors. Taking extensive notes, we provide recommendations on how to enhance the property’s appeal for the sale. We leave no detail overlooked and ensure a comprehensive approach.

3. Finding the Best Agent for You – We shortlist three agents which view the property first then we conduct a one on face-to-face interview with each one, asking them pertinent questions about price, commission, marketing, target market etc. We then provide the owner three digital reports which including the agent’s opinion of value, a proposed marketing plan with costs and commission.

4. Running the Marketing Campaign – Once the ad copy and photos have been completed and sent for proofing and in consultation with you, we make changes any adjustments required then select the best photos for marketing. We are highly detailed and make sure your home is presented online in the best possible way.

5. Effective Reporting and Communication – Collaborating with our vendor advocacy service, the chosen agent must commit to providing regular updates by calling after each open house to relay attendance numbers and feedback.

6. Negotiating with the Vendor – Whether the property is being sold via Auction or Private Sale/ Expression of Interest we will always stand by the vendor’s side to ensure they achieve the maximum price and settlement to suit their situation.

7. Helping with Coordination and Final Inspection – Our role involves ensuring all outstanding conditions are pursued diligently, ensuring the contract is fulfilled without any conditions and minimizing risk while the property is still on the market. Mishandling this process could result not only in the loss of a sale for the owner but also in the waste of the advertising campaign budget, which could amount to thousands of dollars.

On settlement day we will advise the owner when this has been affected. We ensure that settlement has occurred successfully and that you have received the funds in your account as expected.

Pease reach out to Cynthia on 0432 327 945 to arrange a time to talk about the sercice in more detail.

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