Selling your property? Have you thought of using a Vendors Advocate?

There is much more involved in selling your property than simply listing online, placing print adds and conducting open for inspections.  A Vendors Advocacy service is likely to be your greatest asset in guiding you through the sales process of your property to achieve the best sales price. A Vendor’s Advocate is essentially the project manager for your property sale. A Vendor’s Advocate helps you to sell your property and is involved from the initial strategic planning phase following the campaign through to settlement day.

As Vendor Asvocates we ensure that you get the right Agent, with a good understanding of your property who will implement an efficient and effective marketing strategy to realise the highest possible price for you, in an agreed time frame.

At Metrolinx we have the knowledge and experience in buying, selling properties. Combined with our sound negotiation skills, we ensure you get the best result. Our service is of high quality at all times, with regular communication a key to our success.

This service does not cost you anything. The listing agent will pay us a percentage of their professional fee, meaning you get the benefit of our expertise at no additional cost

Whats involved in the selling process?

Selling your property can be a daunting task. The process can be time consuming, unpredictable and can potentially cost you thousands of dollars due to poor advice or pressure from sales agents to sell for less than what the property is worth.

Reason for selling, time frame, methods of sale and appraisals , we will discuss how we can best serve your needs and situation.

Invite a selection of selling agents we will do this based on their experience, local presence and recent track record to conduct their own appraisals. This assessment will cover the estimated selling range, marketing and of course, commission and determine which agent to trust with your campaign.

Sales campaign, we will liaise with the selected selling agent and provide you with regular, honest and professional feedback this is regardless of the sale method, we will work with you until an unconditional contract of sale is in place.

Who should use a Vendor’s Advocate?

Everyone!  A Vendor’s Advocate shares a portion of the agent’s commission. Instead of you paying more to use a vendor’s advocacy service, they simply share in what you’re already paying the Real Estate Agent. So essentially you get the Vendor Advocate thrown in for “free” and a good Vendor’s Advocate definitely earns their fee.

In summary

A Vendor’s Advocate is here to:

  • help you prepare the property so it’s ready for market (things like coordinating your declutter, painting, etc.)
  • have the Real Estate Agents compete for your listing (making sure you have the right agent for the area and property)
  • helping you select the type of sale (auction, private listing, off-market)
  • coordinating the legal side including the contract of sale
  • arrange staging of the property
  • help in determining marketing spend and placement
  • negotiating terms with buyers and other agents to get you the best price.

If you’re interested in chatting with a qualified and experienced Vendor’s Advocate get in touch either by phone 0432 327 945 or email us on

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