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Negotiating Done Right

When it comes to negotiations, there are many aspects involved that most people don’t think about.

As a professional buyer’s advocate, understanding my client’s concerns and motivations are paramount. Are they prioritising the length of settlement period, do they have a magic number in mind, or is it the specific terms they care about?

Then there’s the sales agent front. The relationship we have with the agent, how we conduct ourselves with them, our track record with them,the level of trust they have for us – this all contributes to the result.

It’s not just about the negotiation itself, it’s about the homework we do before negotiation. It’s what we do in the lead-up that really decides the outcome for our clients.

At Metrolinx Property Advisors you can trust us with your property purchasing decisions. Our prestige home-buying service consists of on and off market search, assessment and negotiation to secure your perfect home.


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