What can our Buyer Advocates do for you?

Metrolinx Property Advisors will help alleviate the stress, emotion and other common issues that arise when buying property.

Just like vendors use a qualified, professional real estate agent to sell their property and negotiate the highest possible price for them, we are also qualified, professional real estate agents; only we work exclusively for you, the purchaser.

Our job is to identify and purchase the property in both Melbourne Central and Regional that best suits your needs and budget. We have the qualifications, experience, network and processes in place to ensure that we get the best possible result for you – which is your ideal property, at the lowest price possible.

What we buy and who we buy for

Metrolinx Property Advisors are Melbourne property specialists (Central & Regional). We purchase a wide range of residential property in Victoria from $300,000 right through to multi-million dollar homes.

In our role as Melbourne buyer advocates we assist property buyers who live locally here in Melbourne, interstate and even overseas. Whether you are a first home buyer, looking for a prestige residence or searching for Melbourne’s best investment opportunities, we’d be happy to help. Why not put our local knowledge and experience to work for you?

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